Utilizing Liquid Supplements for Precision Feeding

Utilizing Liquid Supplements for Precision Feeding
Nate Goeldi, Dairy Production Specialist, Purina Animal Nutrition (507) 271-1718

The nutritionists at All-American Co-op have been utilizing the services and products offered through QLF for many years. QLF is a company based out of Dodgeville, WI, and they offer molasses based liquid supplements for all dairy and beef operation. One large advantage that QLF brings to All American Co-op is that we can customize a product to your specific farm.

“Precision feeding” strategies improve cow productivity and reduce waste. The benefits of liquid supplements complement precision feeding concepts, improve on farm efficiency.

  1. Provide consistent ration (physically and chemically)
    1. Liquid supplements are stored in a closed handling systems that protect against nutrient degradation and shrink loss
    2. Accurate weight and metering systems deliver precise amounts of liquid supplement to each batch of TMR
    3. Fluidity and stickiness of liquid supplements distribute their nutrients and additives evenly within that TMR and among a variety of particle sizes
    4. QLF Liquid supplements are nutrient-dense, and are designed to deliver supplemental nutrition to complement many different feeding programs
    5. Delivering additives through a liquid supplement reduces ration separation and feeding loss
    6. Sugars in liquid supplements improve utilization of rumen ammonia for microbial protein production
    7. QLF Optimizer supplements maximize use of home-raised feeds in the TMR and reduce on-Farm ingredient and additive
  2. Consistent flow of nutrients through the rumen and digestive tract
    1. Liquid supplements increase ration nutrient uniformity along the feed bunk
    2. Liquid supplements stimulate dry matter intake and daily intake consistency
    3. Sugars in liquid supplements provide quickly available energy to rumen microbes, which complements later fermentation of starch and fiber, increasing microbial protein flow to the small intestine
    4. Sugars and degradable protein in liquid supplements improve forage digestion to increase nutrient availability and VFA production from forages
    5. Liquid supplements reduce ration sorting to promote more even consumption of all particle sizes throughout the feeding period. This supplies the cow with consistent amounts of rumen-available carbohydrates, protein, and fiber, stimulating rumen efficiency and TMR utilization
  3. Remove variation from the field to the bulk tank
    1. Liquid supplements improve ration palatability, and rumen efficiency to maintain dry matter intakes during forage transition
    2. Liquid supplements maintain optimal rumen pH and feedstuff utilization through:
      1. Provision of supplemental sugars
      2. Increased diet forage levels
      3. Reduced ration sorting behavior

All American Co-op and QLF have the knowledge and product that can make your operation more efficient and productive. We can offer a wide range of products for any type of dairy including robotic dairies. If you have questions or want to know more about how All American Co-op and QLF can help your operation, please reach out to one of the nutritionists at the coop.  From all of us on the Animal Nutrition team we would like to wish you and your family a safe planting season. 

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