We Are Growing, Will You Grow With Us?

Matt Thoreson, Agronomy Operations Manager (507) 696-7674

All American Co-op and Progressive Ag Center, LLC continue to grow by adding new customers, offering more and new services, and increasing sales volumes in each of our main departments; Grain, Feed and Agronomy. Along with this continued growth comes the demand to handle volumes faster than ever. The spring rush presents the challenge of covering more acres in a day to keep in front of bigger and faster planters. Harvest brings the challenge of receiving, conditioning, and moving the high volumes of grain that come from increasing yields. In each department increased state and federal regulations that must be followed take away a certain amount of production time for everybody. These are the challenges that present new job opportunities for driven and hard-working individuals.

If you are looking for a career in agriculture that offers a fast-paced work environment, seasonal flexibility and a competitive compensation and benefits package, consider employment with All American Co-op. If you are interested in using your skills, talents and strong work ethic to make a positive impact in the community and for the customers we serve a career at All American Co-op could be a great fit for you.

Students who have graduated or will be graduating from High School in the near future may be interested in a sponsorship from All American Co-op to attend a college or vocational school program. Several students have taken this opportunity over the past several years and have become All American Co-op employees. One example of such a program is the Agronomy Technology program at Ridgewater College in Willmar. This is a two year program designed for those who have an interest in becoming a custom applicator. Students will receive training and experience using custom application equipment and paid internships. Graduates will receive a commercial applicator’s license, a CPR certificate, commercial driver’s license, and forklift certificate, and the opportunity to return to All American Co-op for employment. Sponsorships for other programs and colleges are possible that would provide a mutual benefit to the student and All American Co-op that may prepare you for employment in other parts of our organization.

For more information on employment with or college sponsorship from All American Co-op please contact a branch manager near you.

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