What Else Can I Do

Brian Orth, Agronomy Sales, St Charles (651) 332-1307

We are at a fork in the road. The 2017 crop is planted and off to a great start. The decisions that we have to make yet in the 2017 crop year are numerous. We can decide to not spend any more money on this crop, or we can decide to pick and choose from a list of things that could very well enhance yield for us.

You may find yourself asking; “what else can I do?” Well, there are a few things. You could start with a tissue sample. With the information that you get back you can better determine your crops in season hunger. Maybe this will tell you that the rains that we had in May leached more of your nitrogen away and that you may benefit from a side dress application. Perhaps you might see that you are deficient in a micronutrient and that you may benefit from foliar feeding your crop. What about a fungicide? Is this a part of your plan for at least a portion of your acres? Perhaps the acres that you plan to harvest last are the ones that you want to ensure are standing yet late in the season. What impacts will mother-nature have during the rest of the growing season regardless of the decisions that we make today.

The other choice that could be made is to do nothing more than what you have been doing in the past. This isn’t necessarily a wrong decision either. If this is the choice that you have made at this point, I would strongly encourage you to consider some of the options that are available. You might be surprised at the information that is available to you right on your own farm. Some of the things that you can do don’t even cost that much on a per acre basis.

Whatever the decision is that you have made, or whatever the decision is that you need some advice on before you make it, know that the agronomists at All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center are here to help. We thank you for the continued opportunity to work with you.

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