What Goes Around Comes Around

Dan Klavetter, Agronomy Sales, Plainview (507) 272-0157


Farming is quite cyclical. From the cropping seasons we go through, to the fluctuation in commodity pricing, things are always changing. As we work through the leaner times in agriculture, I believe preparation is the biggest key to success.

One way to prepare is by locking in early prepay prices on seed, fertilizer, and crop protection. Another strategy is to take advantage of our financing offers. Some options even offer no interest! Above all else, make sure to sit down with your agronomist this winter to discuss your plans for the upcoming growing season, including any changes expected in your operation, to make execution of those plans much smoother in the spring.

Working side by side with your fellow All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center agronomist is essential to your success. A better relationship means a better understanding of expectations on both sides of the table. By laying out these expectations for your farm, our agronomy team can go to work to tailor a plan that fits your needs for both the agronomic and economic side of your business. At the end of each day, our biggest goal at All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center is to do what is best for our growers. It is as simple as, “If our farmers aren’t prospering, we as a co-op aren’t prospering, either.” Our farmers drive our success as a company, for they are the reason why we are here. I hope you lean on the agronomy team here at All American Co-op Progressive Ag Center in the upcoming season to help you become as efficient as possible.

Finally, I would like to thank my growers in Stewartville for letting me be a part of your farming operation for the past three years. I look forward to building new relationships with my growers in the
Plainview area. Thank You for your business!


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