Precision Ag

The  agriculture industry continues to change and evolve. One thing that remains constant is the focus on yielding as many bushels as possible per acre. That’s why we have built GrowMor, a precision ag program.

GrowMor allows producers to maximize yield potential by making precise fertilizer and seed decisions by utilizing multi-year data sets. We are able to create individualized recommendations to suit the needs of each field’s unique requirements based on soil type, moisture, and planting history.

The Agronomy team at All-American Co-op is trained and qualified to develop a precision ag program that fits your individual needs. No matter how big or small your farming operation is, there is a precision ag system that can help you get the most out of every acre on your farm.

GrowMor Soil Sampling

Soil sampling is a fundamental component of any cropping plan. Several universities have proven that soil testing is the single most important guide to the profitable application of fertilizers and lime. At All-American Co-op we use an intensive grid soil sampling program as the base for our GrowMor Precision Ag program.

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GrowMor Precision Applications

Fertilizer and Ag-Lime applications are some of the most important operations in agricultural production. Historically, these products were applied onto the whole field regardless of the variations across the land. However, in precision agriculture, grid sampling is utilized to determine the variability of the soil, and fertilizers and lime of variable rate applied onto each of these areas.

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GrowMor Prescription Seeding

The growing number of VRS-enabled planters and widespread, on-farm use of GPS technology make it easier than ever to use variable rate seeding prescriptions on your fields. Every year, more farmers are using this prescription seeding approach to vary corn seeding rates.

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GrowMor Data Management

In order to meet your production goals, operators must be confident in the crop inputs and placements on their fields. Today’s technology allows us to capitalize on operational efficiencies and increase our focus on crop yield variables.

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GrowMor Precision Services

At All-American Co-op, our GrowMor program is only the beginning of our precision ag program. We also have the equipment, people, and know-how to put precision ag to work on your farm. We know that a successful precision ag program requires service and knowledge to allow our growers to make the most out of their farms.

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